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Melania v Michelle transgender ends differently from transvestite:
coming now what was exposed long ago and so far only by Last Prophet: actors playing counterfeit first ladies “exposed”, their “black and billionaire husbands” stripped of presidential titles.
Talk of illuminati marriages, but in this case not of the TRANS type (either -sexual as Trump or -vestite as Obama) but of the INTER (racial) type:
MEGA MERKEL marries Prince Harry – main agenda: manhunt for mixed & whites part of interracial couples.
Fake princes, fake marriages, fake names: all part of a script.

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Why is this news? Charles married a divorced woman and the church didn’t have a problem with it. It’s obviously not going to be an issue for Harry.
This comes as no surprise – the Church of England exists today simply because the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church would not give a King who wanted to get a divorce permission to do so. The ‘royals’ simply solved that little ‘problem’ by creating their own church – and thus we now have the Church of England.

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The spite and bile of these Comments totally ignore the issue that the article is about. Getting back to the topic, even if the male or female has been tested before having sex, that doesn’t mean that person won’t have sex outside the relationship the very next day or someday…because people are human and humans are that way. Condoms are a good mean of dealing with that, but if your partner is insisting on condoms it could be because your partner herself is having sex with someone else or plans to. (That happened to me>) And, of course, condoms are like taking a shower with a raincoat on. So you just gotta go with the flow a little bit and hope for the best – at least for heterosexuals. Terrible that this is true, but it is. You will probably get some diseases along the way, sad as that is, but if the alternative is a life without sex, it is like a life without living.

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Professing that practicing safe sex and safe sex practices is somehow portrayed as the view that “people who engage in casual sex are messy or irresponsible”????

You need to take a step back and reconsider how you reached your conclusion. The exact quotes do not add up to the meaning you inferred. If there’s more to the story that you didn’t include, you should add it.

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So, wait, according to Glamour it’s somehow wrong to want to limit your sexual risk, or take precautions before it even happens? For someone apparently saying you can have any kind of sex life you want, that’s pretty judgmental. Or maybe the main problem here is simply that the author is taking anything Jennifer Lawrence says seriously?
I love stupidity of the title “America’s favorite cool girl.” She does appear to be made to order for the moronic websites. It’s like Frankstein created a big Barbie doll to mouth idiotic opinions and act foolishly.


I found out the hard way how screwed up our laws are on accidents. 2 years ago I was hit in the drivers side by a driver who ran a stop sign. I found out you can take the person to court and sue them but they can also file bankruptcy and it wipes that out. The only thing from their insurance you can go after is the liability portion. In Indiana the minimum is 25k and that is what they had. My hospital bills were over 110k. My personal insurance covered that and I had to pay out of pocket for all hospital visits and amounts my insurance did not cover. My Health Insurance has up to 7 years to come back on me for a portion of the settlement. They have sent me letters twice seeking 20k of my 100k settlement. I have 100k liability on my car insurance and was able to get 75k of that for a total of 100k. Lawyer takes a third.