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A white prince or princess will not taint the blood line with third-world developing country men and women and negroes, etc by breeding with them. That is why princess meghan had to divorce because she is not allowed to breed with third-world developing country men. That would ruin and taint the blood line. Blue blood and noble blood need to be careful and choose wisely who they marry. No crackers, negroes, asian and spanish ghetto thugs, and sand negro ghetto thugs permitted for breeding. A big no no for blue blood and noble blood people.


“But the husband knew there must be a cause for it, as he was present in the room when the bIack chiId was deIivered, and quietIy he went to work to investigate the wife’s antecedents. After no end of troubIe and expense, he finaIIy ascertained that her great grandmother was a pIantation sIave who had borne severaI chiIdren to her master. lt was in this stock, then, through crossing and re-crossing with other whltes, that this young wife saw her pedigree, and her first chiId was simpIy a reversion to the bIack ancestry on her maternaI side, and had inherited the Ethiopian characters, and among them the bIack skin and kinky hair. l have heard of severaI other weII-authenticated cases of this nature, and in one, after a most heart-rending experience, the coupIe were divorced.”


“A young American artisan of the better cIass and of exceIIent type, born of parents born in this country, and with bIood untainted by any mixture with African bIood, meets a young and very pretty girI in Virginia, and in due course marries her. At the end of a year a boy chiId is born to them, but, horror of horrors, it is found to be as bIack as a coaI and with hair as kinky as the veriest young Congo that a ne5ress of that race ever gave birth to in Africa. l imagine the state of mind this at once threw the unhappy husband into! His poor young wife pIeaded with him that he was the onIy man on earth who had ever sexuaIIy embraced her, and that the very suggestion of receiving the carnaI approaches of an African were most repugnant and disgusting to her.

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What does “dealt with” mean. How do you deal with a real event. It happened
and then there was a divorce, which is a real thing. Can’t be erased, no matter
who says so. Then what’s the conclusion. Prince Harry is going to wed second
hand merchandise, which in our current society is the norm. I believe these
two people are well used, so drop the subject and hope for the best.

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To get married the second time in an orthodox church in USA, I was asked to “donate $10,000 to the church, and pay about $7,000 to the highest orthodox forum in Detroit!!! I was young, had no money and got married only in the civil ceremony 50 years ago!!!! The church many times sucks!!!!

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I would think it wise to consult the written Word of God for the answer to the question. What matters is what God thinks, not what a man says. After all, Jesus said the very words that God has spoken will judge us at the last day (John 12:48)

“He who rejects me and does not receive my sayings has a judge; the word that I have spoken will be his judge on the last day.” Jesus Christ, John 12:48

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The church of England is heretical and apostate from the true One, Holy, Catholicos, and Apostolic Church founded Jesus Christ Himself upon St. Peter and his fellow Apostles in union with him.
Man the price should see that divorce as a sign. There are plenty of hot chicks not divorced in this world. I don’t see why he is risking marrying an American woman who has already been divorced. Bad move, but hey he is rich. He can afford the loss

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The ideal is that when a couple marries their marriage will be forever. But there are times when a divorce is a blessing. For example, I don’t think God would want a woman to remain married to a man who gives her a black eye, breaks her teeth, and sexually molests their children, boys and girls. Personally, I think God is much kinder and more understanding than that–however you view the sacred mysteries.

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So prince Harry is getting a left over. His future wife had already swallowed another guys jizzz many, many times. His future wife had another guy put his bazooka in her putty thang and up her booty many many times. His future wife did doggy style with another guy many, many, many times. Every time prince Harry kissed his future wife is like he is sucking another guy’s bazooka,, eeewwwwww. Why does prince Harry likes left overs??? Eeewwwwww